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"Value, innovation, struggle, win-win" is the core values of Ziheng people and these eight words concentrated the past, present and future of us.

"We are not only for manufacturing products, but also for the users, Bring value, to bring people the quality of life to bring value. "

Our mission is providing “high quality, high efficiency, high reliability, high environmental protection, energy saving” for the development of foundry equipment of China. We always remind ourselves that “we are not only manufacturing products, but also bring value for people and the improvement of living quality”.

In order to create high value for users, ZihengHengteer treat quality as their life to implement “continuous innovation, high-quality strategic planning” to provide users with the best solution, one-stop nanny services.

In order to enhance the level of Chinese foundry equipment, it needs our tireless efforts to achieve strong foundry country. And the “win-win” with our customer is our key for success.

In the development process, ZihengHengteer always through the following development philosophy which are:

Company target: Produce high quality foundry euipment.

Company power: continuous innovation, make dream come true

Company foundation: From foundry, serve foundry

Company culture: Based on Tianjin, Have the whole world in view, Serve industry, Make Ziheng eternal

ZihengHengteer has gone through more than 20 years, we are gratitude for the concern, support and trust from the old and new customers. We are very honored if we can help you on your develop way.

Hereby, on behalf of the whole staff, I sincerely invite you to visit ZihengHengteer, to enhance understanding and promote cooperation with us. We hope to bring you greater surprises and gains.

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